January 18, 2021
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NASCAR Car Wash Newest Facility Opens in St. Petersburg

The teams at Anderson Clean Car Group (ACCG) and its financial partner, Directed Capital (DCR), are happy to announce the opening of their NASCAR Car Wash located at 7141 4th Street North, marking their first express car wash facility in St. Petersburg and their third in Pinellas County. Their locations in Largo and Seminole have been attracting crowds and delivering clean cars since 2017 and 2018, respectively, and this latest location will add another star to that roster.

Upon arrival at the 5,000 square foot NASCAR Car Wash facility, which will be offering free washes during its opening period, customers are encouraged to use the self-serve Pit Stop area, which offers free amenities including bug prep, windshield wiper fluid and compressed air for tires. Once loaded onto a state-of-the-art conveyor belt for the trip through the tunnel, high-end solutions from industry leader Simoniz are used to completely clean and wax the vehicle. A SoBrite filtration and water system uses the latest water reclamation technology to deliver a spot-free final rinse to each car, and also grants NASCAR Car Wash the “WaterSavers” designation by the International Car Wash Association. After exiting the tunnel, 15 free vacuum stations await, along with waterless mat beaters and washers and compressed air guns for blowing excess water and debris out of cracks and crevices, all complimentary. Vending machines are also available for extra products like air fresheners and glass and leather cleaners. Customers can also enroll in the Towel Exchange Program, where they buy a $3 towel and bring it back for a clean replacement every visit.

Individual car wash packages range from $7 to $25, depending on the options chosen, but true value can be found in NASCAR Car Wash’s tiered Unlimited Wash Club membership program. Good for one vehicle at any of the three NASCAR Car Wash locations, the monthly Club prices are: Qualifier for $19.95, Last Lap for $29.95, Checkered Flag for $39.95 and the all-inclusive Victory Lane for $49.95 (prices listed do not include tax). The Club allows members to enjoy unlimited car washes (up to one a day). There are no contracts, customers’ debit or credit cards are charged automatically, and the plan can be cancelled with five days’ notice via the NASCAR Car Wash website at any time.

Along with their financial partner DCR, NASCAR Car Washes in Florida are owned by the Anderson family, with father Steve serving as CEO, son Emery as CFO, and his brother Elliot who oversees legal affairs for the company. The Anderson family has a long car wash history in the St. Petersburg and Tampa Bay communities, having settled in St. Pete 49 years ago. Steve and his brother, Jay, got their start in the car wash industry in 1971, when they obtained Pronto Car Wash. Their Father was a long-time car wash owner/operator in his own right and started in the business in Sarasota in 1957, where Jay and Steve grew up. Over the next 40+ years Steve and Jay went on to build and operate 8 more full- and self-service car washes in several areas of Florida. At some point in the early 2000’s, Jay decided to slow down and head toward retirement, which led to the eventual sale of all of their car wash locations by 2015. Although Steve had a full plate with a commercial development company he had grown over the years, it didn’t take long for him to dive back into the car wash world and apply his decades of experience into a new concept in the industry. Not much more than a year later, Steve and his boys opened their first express car wash in 2017.

“Express washes are fast and convenient, which is perfect for today’s market,” says Steve. “They’re also much less expensive than a traditional car wash. By fully automating the process, we can deliver a better wash at close to half the price of a full-service facility.”

But speed doesn’t mean quality is sacrificed.

NASCAR Car Wash takes special care of customers’ vehicles, whether the car is a subcompact or a Maserati, according to General Manager Peter Howe, who has been with the company since day one, bringing with him 10+ years of experience in the industry. “Gone are those daunting thin metal tracks that customers used to have to navigate when entering the tunnel. All of our NASCAR Car Washes feature a conveyor belt system that is welcoming and, most importantly, won’t damage wheels or their alignment. Inside the tunnel our brushes are neoprene, so hidden mud and dirt can’t stick in the fibers and scratch a car’s finish. And last but certainly not least, we strictly use Simoniz products for all of our detergent and wax solutions, as we believe they are the gold standard for a gentle yet reliable wash,” Howe says. “We like to think that NASCAR Car Wash handles cars with the automated version of kid gloves.”

“We are bringing the best car wash into St. Pete and we have thousands of satisfied customers throughout Pinellas County who will attest to that,” says Emery.

Steve explains that “Customer loyalty is a result of our dedication to high quality equipment, solutions, and true customer service. They trust that at NASCAR Car Wash, they’re going to get a fast and affordable product and leave with a spotless and shiny car – which is really what it’s all about!”

With a personal history that’s included heading the boards of such local organizations as the Police Athletic League, Leadership St. Pete, and the St. Petersburg YMCA, Steve and his partners are excited to grow ACCG’s Community Partner Program, where they work hand-in-glove with local organizations to raise funds for worthy causes.

“We’ve always been supported by the community and we support the community in turn,” he says. “We're very excited to be back in the St. Pete area and look forward to welcoming everybody to our new facility.”

Hours for the new NASCAR Car Wash location at 7141 4th Street North in St. Petersburg are Monday-Saturday 8:00am – 7:00pm, and Sundays from 9:00am – 6:00pm. For more information, visit

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