1. Squats. The squat is one of the cornerstones of basic fitness. Squats work major muscles throughout the core and upper lower body. Muscles in these areas can be overlooked since they are not particularly visible, but are important since they are used so often in movements common to daily life.

2. Push-ups. This essential bodyweight exercise is wonderfully valuable because of how many muscles it requires the use of. Muscles from the shoulders through the core are activated during a push-up. If you can't manage a full push-up, perform a modified version from your knees -- you'll still benefit plenty.

3. Running. You'll have to head outside to run, but otherwise, running can be completed almost anywhere. Many people find running to be an absolute joy. Even if you aren't one of those folks, you can take solace in the fact that running is one of the best aerobic exercises there is, burning calories at a high rate and increasing endurance.

4. Walking. While it is not as intense as running, walking still provides a solid cardiovascular workout. Walking is a great alternative for anyone with joint issues, or anyone who is simply in the mood for a less demanding, more relaxing workout. Walking is an especially great way to explore nature or your local neighborhood.

5. Dancing. While not typically thought of as a form of exercise, dancing, like anything that gets the blood pumping, is great for you. Dancing also has the advantage of being more fun than most kinds of exercise. Try whatever sort of dancing fits your mood, since every kind should serve as a solid aerobic workout.

6. Yoga. While the poses in yoga are as much about stretching and increasing flexibility as anything, they can provide an aerobic and strength-boosting workout as well. If you've practiced yoga before, simply work through your favorite poses. Otherwise, try checking out one of the numerous video guides available for free online.

7. Play with children. If you have kids, playing energetic games such as tag is excellent exercise. Playing with kids is also a great way to encourage them to get enough exercise, something that is important in a time when childhood obesity is common.

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