NASCAR Car Wash offers local organization the opportunity to earn revenue for their programs and activities through our NASCAR Neighbors Program. This program is easy to implement and provides an on-going fundraising funnel.

How it Works:

NASCAR Car Wash will provide a unique promo code that you distribute to your organization’s supporters letting them know that when they purchase a wash at NASCAR Car Wash, 20% of their car wash sale will go directly to your organization.

Nascar Car Wash will issue a check to your organization on a quarterly basis for 20% of all single wash sales that were purchased the previous quarter using this unique code.

The more you share the NASCAR Neighbors Program with your supporters and remind them about it, the more money your organization can raise. Newsletters and social media are great ways to get the message out!

Through the NASCAR Neighbors Program our company is committed to giving back to the community. Should you wish to participate, please contact Lisa Howe at 727-243-1356 or email